The Washington


This custom gown is still available but only by direct contact as there are very limited editions left. Please contact our Sydney Head office directly regarding this exclusive style at

All of our gowns now carry an internationally registered limited edition number to confirm that each piece is a genuine ‘Johanna Johnson’ gown, and a collectors item. Without this specific limited edition number no gown can claim to be a genuine 'Johanna Johnson' garment. These numbers are listed on our international register detailing the particular size and colour way as chosen by, and allocated to, the purchasing client. It is the same process as purchasing a limited edition art print.

We provide our customised gowns all over the world and have a very easy and comprehensive system to do so, so please do not be concerned as to the process at any stage. We are here to make your day and this process as easy and as wonderful as possible. 

We look forward to assisting you further, and whilst limited numbers of this exclusive style are available.